Worked better than doctors

Worked better than doctors

Worked better than doctors

2 years ago
  1. You’re right!

    In all seriousness, though.. he’s right, watch the movies.

    Really, it will save you.

    And also if you struggle seek help. People around you, as well as professionals are there for you. Stay safe.

  2. The day Ian Holm died I was on a crisis line because I couldn’t bring myself watch LOTR instead of killing myself. The poor woman had no clue why my normal safety plan had anything to do with some guy named Ian Holm.

    I’m back at watching LOTR when I’m in crisis, but I can’t leave off on Bilbo sailing into the West anymore. Just gotta restart lmao!

  3. Make sure it’s the extended edition otherwise it won’t work

  4. What if the ending is so sad that you want to kill yourself?

  5. Wait the extended edition is 4h 10 min? Thought it was like :

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