1. once we watched 300 on an ipod during class. 15 boys rearranging the chairs without anyone noticing. good times

  2. Did this with a buddy of mine. We were in Multi Variable Calculus, and it was a slow day (we’re both math people) and I was bored. I casually opened my laptop and started watching Empire Strikes Back, and a few minutes in he looked over and realized what I was doing and stole one of my Bluetooth earbuds so he could watch too

  3. We had one zoom class yes but what about a second zoom class?

  4. Who has the number of someone they haven’t made friends with yet?

  5. Is that a double g in the text above make it full screen?

  6. Had a similar situation whilst waiting for a train at like 3am, wasn’t due for at least 2.5 hours and with LOTR on netflix I had settled on entertainment. Was leaning against the charging station and noticed the guy also charging his phone looking over, put subtitles on, for him.

  7. When only one guy on the zoom call has Netflix so you get that fire screen share

  8. Has he put subtitles on as well though? Cos if he has, he is the realest MVP

  9. “Would you like me to describe it to you…. or should I find you a box?”

  10. I never thought I’d be watching LOTR in school with a classmate

  11. I once watched all of that movie about Amazon gold where a guy hangs out with a tiger for a bit at what I think was Pablo Escobar’s house by reading the subtitles on half of the screen of the guy three rows in front of me and across the aisle on a plan.

  12. I never thought I’d go to detention with a streamer.

    What about with a friend?

    Aye, I could do that.

  13. My friend legit did this the other day with One Piece. That man is a fuckin saint

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