1. “I’m sorry, Aragorn. I’ve lost my son and I’m grieving, but I shouldn’t have lashed out at Gondor.”

  2. Legolas’ contemplative face in the background of that last pic is killing me. He’s mulling it over like Larry David:

    “Huh. You know what, that’s actually a good point and well made.”

  3. *Theoden then decided to set sail on a ship into the Atlantic and crashed*

  4. I always got the impression Theoden did send for help and got no answer

  5. The beacons weren’t a two way thing.

    Gondor used the beacons to alert the other Gondorian fiefdoms that Minas Tirith was in need of reinforcements.

    If Rohan needed help from Gondor it would’ve sent out a red (or was it black?) arrow.

    They could’ve also just sent out a dude to ask for help too.

  6. The point is that Gondor under Denathor has been neglecting it’s traditional alliances. This is more detailed in the books but Denathor under the increasing corruption of the Palantir was becoming more and more insular. Rohan was very much left to its own devices and this is a convenient way to indicate the decay of what was previously a strong alliance

  7. passive aggressive Aragorn: *The heir of Elendil grins*, *pointing to a map of Middle Earth*, “it was right there, hundreds of miles away, my lord!”

  8. Should I get you a map Theoden, king???

    Because it is likely that Gondor was in Gondor.

  9. Should I describe it for you or would you like me to find you a map?

  10. It’s like when some one complains about how you never call them but they have never called you either. ?!?

  11. Wow.. kinda sounds like parts of the news these days.. too real man!

  12. Well, yeah, it’s lazy writing. This wasn’t in the books. It’s just some drama added to a story that is mostly about loyalty and steadfastness.

  13. Serious question, does it say in the books what would happen if both Gondor and Rohan light the beacons at the same time?

  14. I wish had another frame where he answers back, Gondor.

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