What can men do against such reckless ignorance?

What can men do against such reckless ignorance?

What can men do against such reckless ignorance?

4 months ago
  1. Good to see common sense returning to r/lotrmemes after this tumultous day.

  2. Ill have you know im the current world heavyweight champion in jumping to conclusions

  3. Seriously folks, take a massive chill pill, read the [actual article](https://bit.ly/30FjkZp), think about the information presented and what it means, then maybe then consider why you feel the way you do.

    Or just get mad about Orc porn I guess. It’s a lot easier, and it is what outrage-driven media companies want you to do.

  4. But if we keep sharing memes about how bad nudity in this show would be, and they see it, we can make sure it really won’t happen.

  5. daniel greene’s video gives a good balanced take on it

  6. I got downvoted to oblivion for saying it’s too premature to get upset over something like this. These people are reacting without thought and are pouting like children just to make shitty memes and repost each others.

  7. Honestly I feel like these are sometimes put out by the studios to test the waters and see what people feel. A way to know. I do agree that nudity has no place in LOTR. But I also know that game of thrones was a success in part because of it. So I see why they might try seeing what other people feel about it by making essentially a fake article to get whatever reaction we give them. Which hopefully they see as a big whopping NO!!!!.

  8. Thank you, been waiting for a post like this. Jesus, the amount of idiots I’ve seen commenting on this sub past few days, it’s unreal.

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