We need to cancel the copyright system. It's just wrong.

We need to cancel the copyright system. It’s just wrong.

We need to cancel the copyright system. It’s just wrong.

3 weeks ago
  1. If I had written one of the most beloved book series of all time, you can bet I’d want my estate to be paid for it, even after I was dead.

    Now, we can argue the specifics – for instance, we could argue whether the length of time things remain under copyright after the author’s death needs to be changed. But I don’t think there’s an argument to be made for “cancelling the copyright system.”

    What artists do is extremely difficult, and it takes years of study and practice and trial and error in order to create a piece of art that is worthwhile. They deserve to be compensated, and that doesn’t happen if they can’t maintain control of their intellectual property.

  2. There already is a theatrical audiobook of the Hobbit made in 1968. Lord of the Rings have an theatrical audiobook aswell made in 1981.

    Well audible says they are dramatised, but i think that’s the same thing.

  3. If I was a world renowned author I would want my family to maintain the rights to my work so they could protect it. Adaptations are fine, but i would want the people who knew me to have a say in whether the story was being corrupted and the meaning was being altered. Not that it would really hurt me after I’m gone, but still. If I was Tolkien I wouldn’t want LotR to be adapted to the whims of any film maker that came along. Although personally I think he actually would have been pissed about how Frodo was altered in the films.

    But still, that sucks that this guy put all this work into a labor of love and had to take it down.

  4. If you knew anything about art you would know that some people don’t want their work misrepresented by someone they don’t know.

    You should check your privilege

  5. Does anyone have a link to all the files, some scattered around but would be nice to download the entire story.

  6. People on here are legit defending this as if someone translating a nearly hundred year old book into a different medium while making no profit is justified in having his work taken down.

    Fuck the copyright system. You wrote a book? You own the rights and can sell it to or hand it out to whoever you want. When you die it becomes public domain. End of story.

    “But then my kids and grandkids can’t get rich off my work”

    They already have an advantage due to connection to you if they want to make money off your work now that it’s in public domain. There’s no reason they should be getting money off of their ancestor’s work when they did jack-shit anyway.

  7. God so many copyright warriors here. Copyright is a joke that mainly just helps prop up people with vast amounts of money while not really helping people who actually need the money. It’s a total joke and needs to be pretty much abolished.

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