We do be smoking the Old Toby

We do be smoking the Old Toby

We do be smoking the Old Toby

2 years ago
  1. Wow I didn’t remember Sam being that small and hairy

  2. That shotgun would have made for an entierely different movie

  3. “It’s the Shire, mate. Everybody and their mum’s packin”

  4. I’m looking for some South Farthing, if you don’t mind.

  5. “I’m glad to be here with you, Samwise Gamgee. Here at the end of all things.”

    “Woof woof.”

  6. A Shire doesn’t denote ruralness so much; it denotes a political area. It’s governed or managed land. So you’ll get marked down for that essay, but thanks for the picture of Merry with a gun.

  7. I can just hear Elijah Wood’s weird ass

    “Oh I have just the outfit!”

  8. Why is hunting garb so different on either side of the Atlantic?

  9. I used Tuckborough as a wrong answer in a kahoot about English geography. Let’s just say about a third of my class were fools of a Took.

  10. Man if it weren’t for the cups, and maybe that center jacket, this photo could be from a lot of different time periods.

  11. Countryside should be better because it has more letters. Idk change my mind

  12. How did they find gumboots that fit over their enormous feet?

  13. Dominic Monaghen really looks like how he was in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

  14. Looks like they’re remaking Last Of The Summer Wine

  15. Wow, when hobbits stand next to each other they look normal size

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