Was Aragorn a good King though?

Was Aragorn a good King though?

Was Aragorn a good King though?

2 years ago
  1. “Aragorn has taken another slide in the polls after he was spotted golfing in the Shire for the third time this month. Stay tuned for more at 11.”

  2. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some high born elf distributing swords in tents

  3. Aragorn definitely mandated free publicized second breakfast and elevenses.

  4. Everyone knows what his first act as king is going to be. A tax to finance the purchase of some bloody firewood for all those beacons that were lit.

  5. Armor infringe on my rights. I won‘t wear one on the next fight. Can’t breath with this shit

  6. Bloody peasants! Time for Aragorn to show them the violence inherent in the system.

  7. Imagine if Aragorn over the years became an obese king

  8. Then said Aragorn, King of Gondor, “I’m the king, nerds. I don’t answer to you. Not get off my promenade and suck it!”

  9. Now I need a fan fiction of Aragorn dealing with the boring nutty-gritty of taxes and fuedal politics. Dol Amroth wants to bind serfs to their villages as they can now get better wages elsewhere. Merchants want to put a tariff on Rohan horses as Gondor horsebreeders can no longer compete. That sort of thing.

  10. If i remember right its implied the orcs got killed while trying to escape to the ports which were then destroyed so…Im pretty sure the orcs got exterminated

  11. Honestly, they should rehabilitate the Orcs that aren’t personally loyal to Mordor. Since many of them were forcibly conscripted, I bet they’d be happy to stay in Gondor in exchange for work permits, work in construction for pay, food, and lodging, and a path to citizenship. Plus, Mordor is going to need new leadership, so they should setup a puppet state there and open trading relations. Now that Sauron is out of the picture, there’s no reason everyone can’t benefit. Plus, the government could provide incentives for raising the population to facilitate colonization of their reclaimed lands. They could also easily work with Rohan to rehabilitate the Easterlings and other dispossessed Men, by offering them the opportunity to establish freeholds loyal to Gondor to help speed along colonization. Plus, with the final departure of the Elves, there’s plenty of land up for grabs, which should also make settling historical grievances of Men and Orcs/Goblins over land rights easier than ever to resolve peaceably.

  12. Sorry to be that guy, but the books were written from the perspective of the Hobbits, and I doubt they would have understood Aragorn’s policies (if any).

  13. How many people visited his coronation?
    I‘m sure Eärnur had a bigger crowd!

  14. On a serious note: the terror the world of men/dwarves/elves/hobbits etc just had been through recently… I seriously doubt these would be their concerns

  15. I like to think so, but you can never be certain really.

  16. I’d imagine the man had a council of knowledgeable people to help him make decisions

  17. I would really like to see this side of it all in some form of media. After the end of the war of the ring, Gondor goes to war with harad, khand and umbar. It would be really cool to see a story in this setting with lots of different perspectives and answers to these questions. Obviously I wouldn’t think of it as canonical, but it would enjoy seeing an interpretation of it – a Witcher style RPG coming to mind.

  18. I know this is a meme but Aragorn did expand the realm of Gondor massively, not just in the North, and made some lords of the Easterlings and Haradrim swear fealty to Gondor. With an empire that vast I don’t think high taxes would exist and small bands of orcs wouldnt be an issue.

  19. “Uhh.. ya’ll take care of your own problems.. i’ll be here to ensure you’re cool to each other..?”

  20. WERE GOING TO BUILD A WALL and make Mordor pay for it

  21. I wish I can show this to friends but they’ve never fully seen the movies at all. I jusy wanna show it to them because of the politics and ita funny.

  22. He prepared for 87 years, so I am sure i had his plattform figured out

  23. Lmao. Any Elf, Man, or Dwarf that isn’t totally comfortable with the eradication of Orc-kind is a cuck. You deserve to get eaten.

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