Walking through Soho last night got me thinking...

Walking through Soho last night got me thinking…

Walking through Soho last night got me thinking…

2 years ago
  1. I bet this is how Melbourne is feeling right now

  2. Don’t forget that supper lockdown, it fills you up before bed

  3. Austria is experiencing a second wave and people act like everything is fine. They don’t seem to care

  4. Shit’s not going to happen in the US, even if we should. People barely complied with the first one, they’re not going to be able to enforce a second

  5. Oxford was quite quiet, it was surprising. The parks had people in but when it started raining we retreated to a newly opened pub and I was surprised by the measures they have. Really few people, tables far apart etc.

  6. I want to go Soho again and get some amazing street food. But everyones back to work and I’m the only one still on furlough so I’ll have to go alone.

  7. UK GOV: Gathering in large groups for BLM protests is dangerous and irresponsible.

    UK GOV after seeing thousands gathering in streets to drink: ….. ….. ….. *silence*

  8. Hopefully the alcohol they rammed in their systems saves them from the virus, but it’s probably not.

  9. the original plan had nothing to do with lockdown stopping the virus. The lockdown was never going to stop the virus, and your foolish if you think it will. The whole point of the lockdown was to level off the curve and allow hospitals to catch up to the influx of patients.

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