volvo sedan faces the nazguls

volvo sedan faces the nazguls

volvo sedan faces the nazguls

2 years ago
  1. This threas was brought to you by Volvo™. Buy our cars.

  2. Unfortunately it will not be able to show us the meaning of haste

  3. Dude Volvos just don’t die.

    I had a ‘97 Volvo 850e for 2-3 years, I gave it to my cousin with 275k miles on it 5 years ago, and he still drives it to this day.

  4. I feel like this meme would fit well in /r/AlanPartridge

  5. My Volvo Wagon recently died after ~300,000 miles. I lovingly referred to it as my “ManWagon.” Was perfect for fishing/camping trips. I loved that thing and will probably end up getting another once my CR-V dies… (in 10 years).

  6. A relative of mine had an accident in the uk, driving one of those volvos. They hit an old stone wall- the volvo survived with little damage and destroyed the stone wall.

  7. Try not to get it lodged down a country round with a Vietnamese pot bellied pig in the back

  8. Mine got rear-ended at a light at 485,000 miles and I took the insurance check. Still regret that more than 10 years later.

  9. I had a 240 DL. Probably my favorite car I’ve ever had. Wish I could find a cheap one, put a nice radio in it and make it my daily driver.

  10. OP needs to crosspost this to r/battlewagon. They’d get a kick out of it if they allow memes.

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