1. that’s the biggest load of crap I have ever seen

    Tolkien fans would fucking kill someone if they even slightly disagree with them

  2. Am I wrong? I remember in the Hobbit the eagles being sentient and explicitly saying something like:
    -nah fam, those guys in cities shoot arrows at us, we’re not getting near that mess!
    And they were talking about lake town, don’t even think of Mordor!

  3. Honestly, what is the issue with taking a few extra milliseconds to type “they”

  4. It’s all peaceful until someone mentions whether balrogs have wings or not

  5. I would agree and whilst fans like to prove their knowledge on eagles and previous ages etc I’d say overall that when compared to star wars or marvel it’s the best.

    -Everyone appreciates the trilogy
    -All respect the books
    -Everton knows they butchered the Hobbits and Jackson did what he could to salvage them

  6. I remember when the movies first came out… It was like I suddenly found all these new people to share my love of the books with.

    I’m getting that same effect this year, with COVID-19–I’ve been gardening and baking bread for ages, but this year everybody else is gardening and baking bread too. It’s nice not to be the only one who does those things!

    I also hoped we’d end up with more people who were as interested as I am in epidemiology, but that one didn’t pan out… apparently not too many people are fascinated with a cross between statistics and medicine. Too bad, their loss!

  7. I disagree. People post snide memes and comments about this question which is a reasonable one if you’ve read the books, *more* reasonable if you’ve read the Silmarillion, and essentially a plot hole in the movies.

    I don’t spend nearly as much time as I used to on lotrmemes purely because I get bored of this unoriginal trope. I’d rather see reposts of good memes than eagle memes.

  8. I hate Tom Bombadil and I have found this to be false.

  9. It is. Just the day before yesterday I spent 9 hour nonstop debating about this.

  10. I imagine 90% of people online probably saw the movies before reading the books, if they’ve read them at all. That’s why it seems more positive.

  11. I’m not being a prick I swear, I’m genuinely curious and want the honest answer. Why couldn’t the eagles take them?

  12. You don’t need a map to understand why the eagles couldn’t take the ring to mordor, just a vague sense of what tens of thousands of orcs with bows and arrows, and at least a dozen fel beasts, would do to an eagle that crossed the border

  13. “Why didn’t the eagles…”

    “Will you shut up man?”

  14. Eagles couldn’t take the ring to Mordor because the whole point was to avoid being seen. That’s why a hobbit was tasked with it. Send eagles and the Nazgul patrolling the sky would be on them in seconds.

  15. It’s not as toxic as say SW but it’s a bit dodgy at times

    Being up the Middle Earth games and all you hear is



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