They made a lot of good changes in my opinion. The only thing I hated was the love triangle

They made a lot of good changes in my opinion. The only thing I hated was the love triangle

2 years ago
  1. I enjoyed them, the only thing I found annoying is the amount of CGI. In the lord of the rings trilogy Jackson used the just the right amount of practical effects and CGI. In the hobbit CGI was used so much that it kind of yanked me out of the experience.

  2. I can justify just about everything in the Hobbit films by the simple fact that it’s framed as Old Bilbo telling a story as he writes his book for Frodo.

    He’s a touch dramatic and embellishes here and there for the sake of story effect, therefore everything that happens in the films isn’t an exact showing of what happened, but a retelling of how it seemed to him at the time, with a few changes from an eccentric old man trying to craft the perfect story for his heir.

  3. Ngl I really liked the hobbits. I also like the liberties Jackson took. Let’s be honest if it was a 1-1 retelling it would be a bit dry.


    1. Bilbo chose to go with the Dwarves
    2. the entire opening scene/dinner
    3. Radagast
    4. Bilbo was the one to distract the Trolls
    5. Gandalf’s mission to Dol-Guldur (depends)
    6. Smaug was smart and cunning
    7. Dragon sickness showed more (just me?)
    8. Thorin’s death was more honourable and emotional


    1. The freakin love triangle
    2. Azog replaced Bolg
    3. The dwarves heights were not always shows
    4. Gandalf’s mission to Dol-Guldur (depends)
    5. Thraundrial had no personality

  5. I legitimately really like the Hobbit movies. I loved the hell out of Frodo, but I enjoy Bilbo more as a protagonist, mainly because I can relate to him more. As someone with Aspergers, I don’t like doing anything different or going out of my “hobbit hole”, and if I was forced to go on an adventure with people I didn’t know, I’d probably be awkward and act the same way. (The moment in the first film when he takes the stew for Fili and Kili along while they scout the troll is totally me).

    I also enjoy that unlike Frodo, Bilbo isn’t a burden and the dwarves come to legitimately respect him and be friend him. I know people weren’t a fan of Bilbo earning Thorins respect so early on, but I really like it. I especially like their interactions in the second film, how they actually seem like friends (not on the intense friendship of Frodo and Sam, but friends where they hold each other in high regard).

    I actually like Azog as a villain, and it gives thorin a more menacing foe to fight and links the three movies together.

  6. Yeah. When lotr came out I was a child, when the hobbit came out I was late teens/early adult. I expected an adventure that is impossible to give to an adult, which has nothing to do with the movies but brain developement. I have no doubt would have adored the hobbit as a kid

  7. Love the hobbit films. I get why people don’t. Everyone is different

  8. I agree. The love triangle was, meh, but I liked that they added Tauriel. It gave a strong female presence in the movie. I know it’s not a purists version, but I really liked how they explained what Gandalf was doing during his time away from the company.

  9. I only saw the first one and the reason for that is that was that it was obvious from the start the same level of care wasn’t being taken. I couldn’t place my finger on it until the end but eventually I realized they couldn’t keep the heights of Bilbo and the dwarves consistent. I wrote off the whole trilogy as a bit of a cash grab then.

    Knowing now about the problems they had behind the scenes, I’d give them more leeway but I wouldn’t seek them out.

  10. So we’re getting close to prequelmeme status for the Hobbit movies then. Where people joke around so much about these shitty movies that they convince themselves they’re actually good.

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