The virgin JK Rowling vs the Chad JRR Tolkien

The virgin JK Rowling vs the Chad JRR Tolkien

The virgin JK Rowling vs the Chad JRR Tolkien

2 years ago
  1. Did Tolkien base the dwarfs on Jews? I thought he based them on The Nordic tales of dwarfs.

  2. Sounds more like everyone else thinks all Jews have funny noses and work in finance, nobody is forcing you to make that connection. When I see an ugly green dude working at a bank my brain says “goblin” not “Jew”, the two are not inextricably linked.

  3. Tolkein’s dwarves are based on Germanic myths of dwarves, not on Jews.

  4. J R R Tolkien had said many times that his books should not be viewed through a political lens or compared to modern events.

  5. Based on Jews!?! Are you high? Arda’s races are based off Anglo and Norse mythology and epics. Tolkien was a professor of old linguistics. The idea of modern dwarves in fantasy came from traditional Scandinavian belief that Dwarves were magical people blessed by the gods and skilled at craftsmanship. Who the hell told you they were based off Jews? Also Tolkien hated writing with allegory as he said many times. The dwarves fleeing Erebor has nothing to do with the Jewish diaspora. Even though people can just falsely assert it does.

  6. Did Tolken ever explicitly say that the Orcs were Germans? Or that the Elves were the French? I’m sure there was some loose connection although not sure. Don’t know enough about it to really say.

  7. But that’s what goblins look like though. They’re the same as the D&D ones

  8. Also! Chad J. R. R. Tolkien: My world makes perfect sense. Virgin rowling: They wouldn’t be even able to hide from muggles.

  9. What the hell with the unfair pile-on against Rowling. Also what the hell linking either of those examples to harmful jewish stereotypes? Both would be shitty examples of racism if they were true, but seems to condemn the eye of the beholder rather than the author.

    7 HP books, I don’t know how many pages: if someone wanted to interpret some example of racism, sexism, or anything to bash Rowling with, of course they’ll find something. See any conspiracy nutjob theory ever.

  10. Rowling is also a god awful writer who can’t be consistent for the life of her.

  11. But they’re still short bearded treasure-hungry quasi-humans. He doesn’t get a pass on this

  12. I’m really tired of people comparing lotr to Harry Potter. Of course lotr is better, One is a kid’s book and the other is the one that created modern fantasy and It was the series that inspired a lot of authors even JK herself.

  13. I’d just like to say that while i didn’t intend to provoke a debate, I’d just like to make my opinion on the matter of racism and antisemitism in Tolkien’s work clear. I believe that Tolkien’s portrayal of races as having innate characteristics is what we today would describe as racist, however i generally believe that his work should be seen as a product of the innately racist period that he was writing in. I believe that Tolkiens portrayal of the dwarves as an analogue of the Jewish people is intended to be both a reflection of the tropes of norse and germanic mythology, and also a positive reflection on the Jewish people. The key word there is intended, since the portrayal of any group of real people as a monolithic group is bound to be unintentionally racist. I think that both lord of the rings and harry potter should be viewed in the context of their times, tolkien was writing within a context that was universally racially motivated whereas JK Rowling has no such excuse. I’m sorry if i’ve caused any offence

  14. Until you read about the Easterlings and their skin that’s black from all their evil

  15. Meh, the whole concept and lore of Dwarfs in LOTR is still pretty anti-semitic if you think about it. Still choose them over Rowlings goblins though. Those fuckers give me the heeby jeebies.

  16. Tolkien’s Dwarves were based on, er, Dwarves, from Germanic mythology. He didnt have to change owt. Read about the Rhinegold perhaps

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