the average gondorian peasant does not speak ancient high elvish

the average gondorian peasant does not speak ancient high elvish

the average gondorian peasant does not speak ancient high elvish

2 years ago
  1. Legolas *from the back of the crowd*: THEN I SHALL DIE AS ONE OF THEM!

  2. I figure most couldn’t hear shit anyway but wanted to be there because aragorn viggo is hot as fuck.

  3. The Elves could hear and understand

    Frodo too could understand a little

  4. “Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come”

    You’re welcome average Gondorian peasant.

  5. Hell, the average *elf* doesn’t speak ancient high elvish.

  6. It’s like watching a newly appointed school principal say a few “words of wisdom” in his native language, and not translating it.

  7. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Viggo giveth us a gift foul peasant, squander it not.

  8. To be honest, stuff like that happened a lot in medieval England, since a lot of the nobility was actually Norman (aka French).

  9. Now I want to see Elrond or someone next to him doing ASL.

  10. It’s a testament to this movie that you can pause frame on one random background image and it still looks excellent. That gondorian soldier on the left could be the main character of a lesser film given the quality of the casting and costume.

  11. Wasn’t he singing that part? Dudes the king by then nobody gonna question if the king wants to sing random Arda’s best hits from the first age.

  12. “Bloody elitist politicians, rubbing our noses in their expensive education.”

  13. I mean, historically, kings wouldnt speak the languages of the common people, and cerimonal events would use a lot of Latin long after people stopped speaking it.

    Tolkien would definitely know that

  14. Actually most Gondorians did speak Elvish, at least some. The Ithilien Rangers all converse in it when they meet Frodo and Sam in the books. It was a cultural factor of their Númenorean descent.

  15. Catholic priests used to give services in Latin, that probably most European peasants didn’t understand, so it’s not totally unexpected that the elites would still follow tradition. Peasants probably weren’t treated as people anyways.

  16. Neither did any of us when seeing this, but we were still moved, no?

  17. You realise he was singing silently to himself, right?

  18. What did he say?

    That Hobbits don’t bow to anybody

    Oh? Why the hell didn’t they bring enough blow for everybody?

  19. I think a fair amount of the people would know or understand Elendil’s Oath as it has historical significance to the people of Gondor.

  20. “This is Gondor and we speak the common tongue! Go back to Mordor if you wanna speak that terrorist shit!”

    – somebody wearing a “Make Middle Earth Great Again” hat.

  21. Most people don’t understand Latin or Sanskrit and it’s still used in ceremonies

  22. Knowing that Minas Tirith IS full of Gondorian High Noble and how the heirs of Numenor are proud of their origins and very educated, I am almost certain they are billingual…
    So quite a wrong meme innit ?

    still upvoted because it’s an OC tho

  23. I tear up every single time this scene comes up, goosebumps as well… This scene is the one I am waiting for every time I rewatch the movies. Perfection.

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