1. Harry Potter is far more child friendly. LOTR audience is generally older. So depending on the platform where the question is asked, you will get different answers.

  2. So we are still comparing these two things that were created for different audiences in different genres?

    And then shaming people for liking one or the other?

    Being surprised that more instagram people like the more relatable franchise targeting teens?


    (I don’t get sarcarm and the like, so if it’s just a meme at this point, I apologize)

  3. There is no curse in elvish, entish or the tongues of the men for this treachery

  4. People got confused they thought they were being asked which was the witch collection

  5. It’s not even the original name for the first Harry Potter film on that poster

  6. The HP movies aren’t even good, HP fans are just psychotic. I would know I used to be one.

  7. Harry Potter is fine and all, but noseless Voldemort looks ridiculous. Malfoy would’ve made a more menacing main villain

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