1. So I don’t know if it’s worth anything to do this on a shitpost, but there’s a reason the movie is so praised by critics: they saw the movie.

    here is a review from the same site the above article is from and it might give a little perspective:


    The director actually responded to the backlash on the washington post, and her own perspective may soften the outrage a bit. especially regarding the actresses


  2. Between this and California’s making it legal for a 24 year old to bang a 14 year old, I gotta say I’m pretty much over all of this malarkey. How the democratic party is willing to tolerate the fringe elements that support this disgusting thing is beyond me. The Democratic party used to have values. Now it’s just about abortion, lgbtq (and apparently their next goal is the normalization and legalization of pedophilia). Where are the true democrats at? Retake the party and push this loud minority back out into the streets where they belong!

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