Sean Astin is really good at the sword stuff

Sean Astin is really good at the sword stuff

2 years ago
  1. > you’re a Hobbit, you couldn’t generate that kind of force

    Bullroarer Took has entered the chat

  2. Hot damn he got taught by Darth Vader himself! No wonder those filthy Mordor orcs didn’t stand a chance.

  3. Don’t forget that Bob Anderson also played Darth Vader!

  4. Honestly, I think Sauron was lucky Sam got nerfed into the body of hobbit

  5. That’s such a Sam thing to say, jeez that guy was perfect for the role

  6. I think Shelob and that orc he stabbed in the back got to see how good he was at the sword stuff

  7. “I think I’m gettin the hang of this!” – Sean Astin in rehearsals

  8. Now I’m extra glad that I complemented his sword stuff at comic con.

  9. I know he probably said this in his normal american accent, but I read it in Sam’s voice

  10. I don’t believe he’s good at the sword stuff the same way I don’t believe he and Frodo saw an oliphaunt

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  12. > “Having sword lessons with Bob Anderson was always part of their **regime**”

    Oof, I think you mean **regimen**…lol. A “regime” is a system of government!

  13. TIL the same guy choreographed Star Wars, The Princess Bride, and The Lord of the Rings. All my favorite sword fights as a kid were from the same guy.

  14. I would absolutely believe that Sam, in a moment of anger and fear fornot only his life but Frodo’s as well, could at least swing a sword with enough force to move the sword, held in one hand, of a wraith.

  15. Sam vs. Shelob is still the highlight of the trilogy for me. You get such a rush of adrenaline when Sam steps out to save Frodo. I get chills just thinking about it.

  16. Shame we only got hints at, and never got to see Sam and Frodo being really good at “sword stuff” together

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