1. Honestly, I don’t particularly want to look at Gollum any more than we already have to

  2. If you cut out the last 40 minutes of ROTK, Frodo and Aragorn should have around the same amount (especially because of Aragorn’s screentime in Two Towers)

  3. I picture Brian Blessed playing him in my head

  4. Just imagine Tom being in the movies with Jim Broadbent playing him. That would’ve been amazing.

  5. Unpopular opinion: Tom Bombadil is shit. He didn’t do anything for the plot or the characters, he’s irritating and weird, and he’s one of the main reasons why the movies are IMO better than the books.

  6. When I first read this, I interpreted screen time as the amount of time that the characters were allowed to use electronics (watch a movie, play games on the iPad), and was VERY confused as to what alternative universe had electronics in LOTR, and why certain characters would get preferential treatment for who gets the ipad the longest.

    Not my finest moment.

    (I get it now.)

  7. I think Robin Williams could have made a good Tom Bombadil.

  8. Irony is that Tom don’t care about screen time. Actually he cares about few important for him things only

  9. I only knew he existed because of Battle For Middle Earth including him as a summon/General’s Power

  10. I’m curious, does anyone have a chart that compares every lotr characters screen time? I saw something similar for infinity war.

  11. Ok but every minute of Gollum was a masterpiece in the union of technology and acting from Andy Serkis

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