1. After i first read about tom i immediately had the thought that tom is probably eru enjoying the world he made

  2. Everybody –

    “Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!”

  3. You are dangerously close to comparing Mr. Bombadil to old gregg. I am warning you now, watch your step.

  4. Isnt this the same for Ungoliant? Not even the Valar know her origins. And about the nameless creatures that not even Sauron knows about. Perhaps the Watcher in the Water as well?

  5. Tom Bombadil is the biggest chad this side of the Mountains

  6. I just read fotr for the first time and this was my fave part by far. I love tom and goldberry.

    I can see how it might not work in movies, but it’s great in the book

  7. Tom Bombadil is an awesome character! In the books Frodo gives him the ring and he puts it on and it has no effect on him. He even made it vanish for a second, showing he had power over the ring. At the council they wanted to give Bombadil the ring instead of going to Mordor but Elrond decided against it because he thought Bombadil wouldn’t take it seriously and lose it somewhere lol

  8. Reading the songs in this thread has made me realize I want to hear Eminem deliver them to a beat.

  9. I’ve always considered Tom the representation of Tolkien himself in the stories.

  10. His name is so funny to me. Because I’m Turkish.
    Bomba= bomb
    Dil= tongue
    In Turkish he is Tom Bombtongue.

  11. Old Tom Bombadil killed the Lord of the Rings book for me. Twice.

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