1. I’m telling you, old bitches know things.

    Sexual things.

  2. Everybody is talking about the age difference but nobody mentions that they have known each other for over 60 years before they married.

  3. Remember kids age is just a number… and prison is just a room.

  4. I think developmental age is more relevant when dealing with immortal races. What human age is 2700 equivalent to for elves?

  5. Also there’s the fact that she’s his grand^50-100 aunt.

  6. She didn’t just snatch him out of the cradle, she cultivated the ground, bred the family lineage, grew the trees AND built the cot beforehand!

  7. Arwen didn’t actually meet Aragorn until he was in his 20s, before that she had been living with relatives I believe, so they didn’t interact until Aragorn was a full-grown man

  8. Why is Agent Smith so sad his daughter will die anyway? She’s had just shy of 3000 years to live, and that’s nothing to sneer at.

  9. I had no idea that Galadriel is Arwen’s grandmother. Guess the whole immortal thing never really sank in for me. Is she Elrond’s mother?

  10. Alright but time went extra fast in lothlorien, they don’t say how much so, but 3 days Human = a month elf… so 2700 / 10 is 270… so she’s only 250 years older than him??

  11. Arwen learned from the best. Get ’em while they’re hot. *cough* Luthien x Beren *cough* Idril x Tuor

  12. There is a saying in greece that goes like: “Η γρια κοτα εχει το ζουμι”, which symbolically means that old women have the *sauce*

  13. Well they’re both of legal age… even tho there’s well over 2 000 years between them… i guess this is pretty standard for stories with characters and races who appear much younger than they actually are… anime fan here, it’s pretty acceptable there.

  14. “Oh Aragorn, you’ll always be that little boy from Eriador”

  15. I’m confused… he was 20 when they first met. What with the FBI posts? 😂

  16. Wait Arwen is Galadriel’s granddaughter? So is Elrond her son?

  17. I’m no mathematician but I don’t think that checks our with the half your age plus 7 rule

  18. How is this a problem? They’re both adults, how could you possibly see this as pedophilia?

  19. Omg, i needed check it for myself, it really is true and it’s OVER 2700!

  20. Also, Aragorn is a descendant of Elros, Elrond’s twin brother.

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