Oh, it's quite simple

Oh, it’s quite simple

Oh, it’s quite simple

2 years ago
  1. I wish it was just one movie. The first one was actually quite promising

  2. They had to add characters that never existed, along with story arcs that were never in the book. I think with lotr everything was specifically planned, unlike with the hobbit.

  3. When I first watched them and Legolas was mentioned I was like, “Ha! Sick, I love the reference because he would be there!”

    And then he just wouldn’t leave. Which, you know, I love Legolas, he’s my bro, but he needed to go home. Go home, Legolas. If you feel the need to explain why he isn’t at the battle have some line where his dad mentions he’s keeping watch over Mirkwood or something, I dunno.

    Then at the end Papa Elf is like, “Son, go keep an eye on little Aragorn, k?” But then in LotR (obviously) it’s like, they knew of each other, but they didn’t *know* each other so what the heck, why did they right that in? There was definitely a better way to reference Aragorn, it would have been super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  4. Can we not have the same threads and nearly identical comments all the time about the Hobbit. It’s getting almost as overworked as Star Wars sequel bashing posts. You can almost predict the comments now with ~90% accuracy

  5. I wish we got the Del Toro 2 film adaptation, watching interviews with all the dwarf actors about their excitement slowly fading due to the studios involvement is so sad. Not to mention how fxcked New Zealand’s film industry is now.

  6. If they had at least kept the same type of practical effects it would’ve been so much better. Also no barrel scene

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