May this be the hour when we draw swords together.

May this be the hour when we draw swords together.

May this be the hour when we draw swords together.

2 years ago
  1. Is this saying that the people who read the books don’t know how to read?

  2. I was a total LotR nerd for probably around 10 years without ever having read the books. Binge watched the movies multiple times, played the videogames religiously… I was a true fan.

    Then I read the books, my love for LotR was not made any stronger, but my appreciation for what it is was changed, if that makes sense.

    So come all! We’re happy to have you is basically my point, but if you have the time definitely read the books!

  3. Damn straight! I live and die for this fandom but the gatekeeping is astronomical.

    Edit: I knew the downvote would happen, and before you ask, yes, I’ve read the books MANY times, and all of Tolkien’s other works but the movies were my gateway into the fandom 16 years ago and I’m so glad no internet snobs ever made me feel like less of a fan for not being knowledgeable, it would have turned me way off from diving deeper into Tolkien’s amazing world. Everyone learns at their own pace. Don’t hate on those who don’t know as much as you yet. Encourage them to explore the books.

  4. Imagine gatekeeping a fandom, you must be a huge prick to do it

  5. It is all thanks to the amazing way the movie turned out. Honestly if the movie wasn’t well directed or produced I wouldn’t be as excited about this fandom.

  6. Read the books, watch movies either works. combination of both is the best but, I do not care in which way you choose to get into wonderful world Tolkien gave us. What is important is that you do.

  7. I read The Hobbit before LOTR movies came out so I’m sort of a hybrid. I’ll be honest I was probably too young to understand the books before seeing the movies, I was only 7 when Fellowship came out, but both mediums are what made love the insane high fiction and I’ve been working on and crafting my own ever since and directly because of the films. All of Tolkien’s works are astounding as well as Jackson’s interpretation. LOTR is integral to the creativity I have today. While other kids had friends and play time I was busy drawing maps and writing stories and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Most people that have this opinion have read the books, so even though it is satire, i can’t help myself but aks: who in sweet potato fuck thought of this?

  9. I saw the movies way before I read the books, and damn, they really do help enhance reading them, at least in my eyes. It’s so much easier to visualize a story and a place when there’s already already a template for you.

  10. but what about people who have read the books but not watched the movie? what say ye Gandalf?

  11. I have read the books but i just dont enjoy them sadly. Tolkeins world building is superb but his writing style is so hard to follow

  12. I’m one of those who has read the books several times and yet has not seen the movies. I kinda wish I had, so I might do it soon-ish

  13. I read the hobbit books watched tha films watch the Lord of the rings film but struggle with the book maybe in a year or two I’ll get round to the books

  14. If those kids could read then they’d have read the books

  15. Before I started school I was watching the extended editions of the series as soon as they were released as such. I played LotR in my backyard, pretending to be Eorwen and Arwen. The movies actually made me go “huh, I want to get into the arts” as I watched the extra hour of special features. It’s still the one series that I can watch without getting distracted by my phone

    If I’m not a “real fan” by now idk what the fuck I am

  16. Well I watched lotr when i was 6 but now i have read the books like the smoort idiot i am, i think I prefer the films mainly for the nostalgia effect of me eating my mac n cheese infront of the tv thinking legolas was the bestest

  17. The non-readers are on this council, but we do not grant them the rank of “fan”

  18. I like the books a lot more than the movies, but I appreciate how the movies have brought Lord of the Rings to a much wider audience. And the movies have made a lot more people read the books. One of those situations where they both benefit each other.

  19. I loved the lord of the rings movies then I read the books and I’ve never been so bored in my life, the books aren’t for everyone.

  20. The movies were an excellent representation of the books (well, LOTR…hobbit not so much). I think one of the reasons the adaptation did so well is that Tolkien’s LOTR books have an awful lot of descriptive text, mostly of nature and history, rather than just dialogue or plot moving. Which means a few shots in the movie really does cover like 20 pages of text. They still had to cut out a lot, obviously, but the books world building is so rooted in the land that a movie almost gets that point across even better.

    Compare this to GOT where much more of the text is devoted to dialogue and plot. Whatever your opinion of the series, they had to completely rework the plot in order to make an adaptation because there’s too much to follow in a show format.

    If you loved the movies, I’d encourage you to give the books a try. Best book to read while on a long journey of your own.

  21. i feel like if you’ve watched the films for a long enough time as to consider it an important part of your life, youd be rediculous not to read the book

  22. This would have been a lot funnier if you’d said “only read the books”. Right now it just doesn’t make sense.

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