Let’s make ourselves clear guys.

Let’s make ourselves clear guys.

2 years ago
  1. I think the O/U on the remake is 2050.

    Bold prediction: Elijah will play Bilbo.

  2. We should really be crankin our more content like this just to make it perfectly clear to production companies that there’s no demand from fans whatsoever for remakes.

  3. The Hobbit could certainly be given a new series that exists outside of Jackson’s adaptation entirely.

  4. It probably never will either. There’s plenty of movies that haven’t been close to touched to be remade and I believe the LotR trilogy id one of those.

  5. But if this is indeed the will of the council…… then Gondor will see it done.

  6. If someone remastered the gollum cgi i wouldn’t complain.

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