Laughed for way too long at this.

Laughed for way too long at this.

Laughed for way too long at this.

2 years ago
  1. My son was such a great leader, he even befriended the worst soldier in the Gondor army.

  2. A chance for one of his friends, captain of gondor, to show his quality.

  3. Imagine if they did have social media. When they’re in the boats leaving lothlorien and Legolas asks Gimli what Galadriel gave him. The exchange ends with Gimli saying “she gave me three…” Legolas smiles to himself. Suddenly Gimli’s phone pings. He takes it out “Legolas has sent you a friend request.” beautiful stuff.

  4. Denethor describing it as “awesome battle” is funnier than the faramir punchline to me for some reason

  5. Boromir needs to be careful who he is friends with some of these friends might be a bad influence

  6. I am so dead at this meme. As dead as Faramir, my son.

  7. Poor Faramir. He’s an absolute amazing warrior and ranger. Yet douchebag Denethor would rather have his weak willed son Sean bean over the guy that got closest to Frodo besides Sam and be nasty with some grape tomatoes.

    Also. Why did he let him go?;he could have helped Frodo get to Mordor. Or could have gotten him to gandalf. Or anything besides letting him walk away so him and the lads could go home. Like how the entire fellowship basically splits up because gandalf got lost for a hot minute.

  8. I wonder why Jackson & co. made the choice to make Denethor so horrible in the movie. He’s pretty well regarded in the book. Maybe they felt they needed more internal tension?

  9. Faramir has entered the chat… Father, why did you like Boromir’s status update and not mine?

    Denethor: Likes Minas Tirith Industries photo of mini tomatoes

    Pippin has entered the chat…

    Pippin: …

    Gandalf is typing in the chat…

    Gandalf: Fool of a Took stop sharing so many hashtags!

    Pippin has left the chat….

    Denethor is typing in the chat…

    Denethor: I miss the old generation’s songs. New battle songs are not near as good. Do you know any Pippin?

    Pippin shares his TikTok gif of him singing his latest music video ft.

    Gandalf has left the chat…


  11. Friend? I think he would say that’s some useless random dude, who tries to get some attention after his incredible son defeated everyone all by himself.

  12. A few more adjectives thrown in there (think our current leader’s tweets) would make it even funnier

  13. Here’s my only son Boromir encouraging a foot soldier to stand strong for Gondor.

  14. I don’t care what part of Middle-Earth you’re from, that’s gotta hurt!

  15. Hi friend looks a lot like Boromir…..oh wait it’s Faramir.

    Darn I always feel like the Faramir of my family

  16. The wig maker for these movies must live in a huge mansion by now.

  17. Are we not gonna mention the Easter island head to the left of both of them?

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