It’s Been A Rough Day For Everyone...

It’s Been A Rough Day For Everyone…

It’s Been A Rough Day For Everyone…

2 years ago
  1. So Smeagol is now free in the Star Wars universe with the Ring?

    I dig it

  2. I had to check if I was in r/lotrmemes or r/prequelmemes

  3. Red head and a temporarily corrupted curly hair dude on a volcano

  4. I’m also subbed to r/prequelmemes and wasn’t sure where I was at first. Thank you for this.

  5. The alliance between r/lotrmemes and r/prequelmemes is one that shall never be broken

  6. The idea of Obi-Wan saying “oh shit” is so friggin hilarious to me

  7. Wait? This is not r/prequelmemes?? How did that happen? Im smarter than this.

  8. does the scene in star wars take place in midddle earth?

  9. The nerd in me is so pleased with this meme. My two favorite movie series, my two favorite subreddits. Yas!

  10. Gretchen! Stop making crossover memes a thing. It’s not happening.

  11. This absolutely made me laugh more than anything I’ve ever seen on reddit, thanks!

  12. The cross over everyone’s been waiting for but didn’t know it.

  13. Ever notice how you don’t see Count Dooku and Saruman in the same meme…

  14. Saruman went to a another galaxy instead of going back to Aman after he died.

  15. I would love to see how the emperor eats a tomato and if it’s like a savage.

  16. I just laughed so fk’n hard I peed a lil. big ugly laugh.

  17. Meanwhile the clones are trying execute Order 66 on Legolas and having a really bad time.

  18. I can’t be the only one who read “oh shit” in kenobi’s voice right?

  19. Idk why I hear the sadness & confusion in Sam’s voice in this picture, but I do, and I don’t think I like it 😆😭

  20. I laughed more than I should have at this, take my up vote 😁

  21. This is one of the best crossover memes I’ve seen

  22. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheeheheheheheheheherhehehei

  23. Hey /u/FilmBuffBrony thank you my day sucked and this make my and my coworkers day 100% better.

  24. Damn 8 wish 8 had Gold to give you so take this smile ☺️

  25. This is the most original shit I’ve seen in a while

  26. I fucking love crossover memes.

    Tho…where was r/prequelmemes when the Westfield fell?

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