Is this just a British thing? Or do children everywhere have to suffer these?

Is this just a British thing? Or do children everywhere have to suffer these?

Is this just a British thing? Or do children everywhere have to suffer these?

3 weeks ago
  1. RIP to all the kids whose parents are dumb enough to buy cereal in the single most cost ineffective way possible.

  2. Mixing 2 of these bad boys together in a bigger bowl was the highlight of my childhood trips to Centre Parcs haha.

  3. My dumb childhood ass would beg my mom for those and she refused to buy them because they were too expensive for what you get. So I guess I escaped the suffering.

  4. Used to have these for breakfast whenever my family went to my grandparents cabin. IMHO frosted flakes were the best but you had to eat them fast

  5. Not British but every Vacation there I had with my family we had the same talk about how many of these we should eat

  6. Great until you pull the short straw and you get the Corn Pops. I hate Corn Pops

  7. I love these. Perfect size for me. And when my mum bought these when we were kids it was always an exciting breakfast, choosing one, doing the little maze. Fond memories.

  8. My Mum and Dad would get these to go on Holiday with. It was great having Coco Pops for 2 days then got decidedly shitter as the week went on

  9. My stepdad bought me one of these packs once just for fun when I was a kid and it was honestly such an awesome treat cause I was never slowed sugary cereals!

    One box is definitely enough!
    It’s like eating a bowl of candy.

    Kind of gross when you grew up on shredded wheat.

  10. I’m from Denmark, and this really brought me back! My mom would almost never let me have them, but when she did I’d just eat them like a snack without milk, and I’d always leave the cornflakes lol

  11. Everybody wanted the Coco Pops and Frosties, the little box of Corn Flakes could sit at the back of the cupboard for months, unloved.

  12. I got lucky, I guess. My mom would buy the giant bags of off brand cereal instead.

  13. Canadian here. Same deal… I’d eat 3 in one sitting.
    The lembas bread of breakfast.

  14. Actually I am french and i used to eat those everytime I went to my grandparents house so it exists in France

  15. I loved those as a kid but you can have things with breakfast, like fruit and stuff. Or eat 4 different kinds of cereal in one sitting!

  16. These suck *UNTIL* your parents take your lil 9 year old self camping in the middle of nowhere.

    Then, when you ain’t had nothing but crunchy bread for three stinking days, you see it. White shores… And beyond, a swift breakfast.

  17. We used to get those for camping. I miss the little boxes. Now they all come in little plastic bowls. Not nearly as fun.

  18. First time i remember having one of these was when my family went out camping when i was 4. I thought it was both awesome, but also idiotic.

  19. We weren’t (or VERY rarely) allowed to get a full box of super sugary cereal, so these were a massive treat for me as a kid. Was able to have a variety of the sweetest ones.

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