1. And 9 spare hours were gifted to the race of men, who above all else disire watching LOTR.

    But they were all of them decieved, for extended edition was made.

  2. Look at Mr. Big Shot over here with his 11 hours to himself. Must feel great, huh? I bet you’re really happy, huh???

    *sobs uncontrollably as children scream in background*

  3. I feel this meme format will be used for nefarious purposes.

  4. Can’t forget about the extra 3 hours to reflect and everytime you have to pause to explain how Viggo broke his toe

  5. No way I could do all this in one day. I recently bought the extended edition BDs and have been rewatching them. The Two Towers last week and The Fellowship the week before that. Going to watch Return of the King tomorrow, but man it is hard to commit even four hours a day to watch these films. Love them all the same though.

  6. For some reason I always hated when Pippin just jumped into a body of murky water without any hesitation. Like, what if he landed on something sharp? Isengard is a pretty pointy place.

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