If this has been done before I am sorry

If this has been done before I am sorry

If this has been done before I am sorry

1 year ago
  1. LOOK: you can dislike the Lord of the Rings movies. Its totally okay for people to dislike LotR. I can see what people can not like about it, if you’re not a fan of the genre or tropes. But here’s the thing, here’s the tea sis…

    THEY ARE NOT BAD! Bad implies that the movie failed at some point in its writing, acting, filming etc., which Lord of the Rings didn’t. Its perfectly crafted masterpiece with tons of heart and effort in it. Your opinion does not make something ‘bad’.

  2. Damn that poster seems like they’re fun at parties.

    Poor fool wouldn’t know a good movie if their life depended on it…

  3. Seriously what kind of weirdo doesn’t like those movies??

  4. This is the saddest fucking thing I’ve read all day. What an uncultured swine.

  5. I mean not that I believe academy awards are all worth the merit and what but guess they all disagreed with him too ontop of everyone in this subreddit .

  6. Oh god, this dude almost sounds like Cinematic Venom with such braindead takes.

  7. Ride out and meet them!

    For death and glory?

    For the fandom. For your people.

  8. They are kiiiinda just ten hours of walking with the occasional fight scene, so if you’re not into that I get it

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