1. Frodo and Sam aren’t missing out. I’m over 5’9 and every girl I’ve met with a height cutoff has been an absolute disappointment in bed and frustrating to deal with in general.

  2. It’s a good meme and all but can we take a moment to really appreciate how unbelievably vile that tweet is?

  3. every tank driver I met was under 5’9, they drivr a bloody tank

  4. Best D I ever had was a guy who was 5’8” (I’m 5’7”)

  5. ‘Men shorter than 5’9 are useless’
    *stares at most men in the 1800’s*
    “Sorry ‘the people who gave us a country’. A girl on twitter said you’re all useless, so it must be true.”

  6. I feel like all you need to do is look at her profile pic to know she’s worse than useless

  7. She’d probably change her tune if she knew how many celebrities are shorter than they appear in movies, LotR aside.

  8. A chick with literally a face over her face has an opinion.

  9. they are not men, hence a Hobbit can wound the Witch-king

  10. Why is it every time I watch this scene, ninjas are cutting onions next to me?

  11. Frodo and Sam destroyed the ring but what did Merry and Pippin do to deserve such praise?

  12. +30% honor if the title is a reference to pulp fiction

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