I saw this on AskReddit, but man am i laughing

I saw this on AskReddit, but man am i laughing

I saw this on AskReddit, but man am i laughing

2 years ago
  1. Btw guys i messed up the title its r/Showerthoughts not r/AskReddit i got confused sorry

  2. I’m professor Duncan and I’m here to say I’m going to rap to the beat in a raping way I got a real big ….. and drink lots of tea -community season one final episode

  3. Can I get a link? I need to know what thread caused this masterpiece

  4. You guys believed Gollum’s lake consisted of water? Think again.

  5. As the ring resizes itself, Gollum could use it for a cock ring

  6. *deep breath*

    General Reposti Darth Stealious Zero effort the Hutt Jango Theft Commander Copy Reposter Rex Captain Fraudo Saeseen Tiin Ctrl+Vader Darth Plagiarism the Unwise Clone Trooper Abscond Jinn Duplikit fisto Luminara Donuli Ki Fraudi Mundi Master Stealfo dyas Anakin Stealwalker Ahsoka Taken Aayla Screenshot Count Twoku Reposta Tano R2Steal2 Obi-Wan Reposty Harrison Fraud Master Olda Spamdo Calrissian Mother Stealzin Stoleman Trebor Mace Winduplicate General Thievous Count Dooplicate Scam Weasel Robmé Amidala Poggle the snatcher C-3repost Stolee Bindo Loot Gunray Repost Tano Barris Copy Kit Reposto Shaak Thief Ima Gun Duplicate Han Stolo Grand moff taken Trade Frauderation Captain Steeli Stolen One: A repost story Admiral Copiett Don-Wan Kihotaken Qui-Gon Seen Darth Traken Lor San Takken Maz Scamata Knights of Renpost Supreme Stealer Snoke Ben Stolo Pre Viewed Bo-Taken Kryze Jocopied Nu Repoest Dameron Bib Fortaken Enfys Newn’t L3post-37 Hera Seendulla Starcopier Bait Organa Grand Repositor Scam Bane Rose Taken General Donedona Aurra Seen Repost Raiders Coopiee Warriors Repost of the Clones Taken Erso Plo Koopied Copyman Trebor Stealer Geerera Greedy Thief Koth Darth Seen Bodhi Took Jabba the thug Repost Federation Ah the repostiator is here I haven’t seen this repost since I was moderating on r/Subterrel They’re cloners. Damn bad ones… No repost, I am your OP Stolo: A repost story Do you want to see my reposts? You don’t want to show me reposts. A prequelmeme to be sure, but a reposted one! Master Reposti, you disappoint me General Thievous… You’re older than I expected Execute order report Your clones are not that impressive, you must be very ashamed. Watch those wrist reposts Just like the original one Rogue Two: a repost story Are we blind, deploy the downvotes OP lost his OC, how embarrassing. Oh no the reposter [Visible disappointment] A repost to be sure and an unwelcome one You are reposts, you are meant to be downvoted It’s over reposter, I have the higher Karma I sense a plot to destroy the OP Always two there are, an OC and a Repost Guess I was wrong, there was no OC at all Amazing, every meme of what you posted was a repost Master, reposters I don’t like reposts, they’re rough, coarse, irritating and they get everywhere 200,000 reposts are ready, with a million more on the way now THiS is reposting You’ll try reposting that’s a bad trick They repost now? They repost now This is where the repost begins The ability to post does not make you original We will watch your repost with no interest Time to abandon post I will deal with this repost slime myself I don’t think the OC works The ability to post does not make your original Only a Sith deals in reposts It’s over OP, I have the high karma You were supposed to destroy the reposters not join them! What about the repost attack on the OC? This is outrageous, it’s unfair how can OP post a meme and not be OC? My powers have doubled since the last time I saw this post OP You are on this subreddit, but we don’t give you the rank of OC You are the reposter Fool, I have been trained in repost identification arts by Count Dooku I downvoted them all, they’re dead, every single one of them. And not just the reposts, but the shit posts and the OC too. They’re reposts, so I downvoted them like reposts. I hate them! You ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagiarism the unwise, I thought not, it’s not a story the mods would tell you. It’s a Reddit legend. Darth plagiarism was a darth lord of reposting. So dumb and so unoriginal, he would use the sort by hot to find good posts and creat reposts. He had such low knowledge of posting he couldn’t even keep the karma he loved from dying. The dark side of reposting is the path to many disabilities some considered to be unnatural. He became so weak, the only thing he was still afraid of losing was his reposts, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice reposted his post. Ironic, he couldn’t keep others karma from dying, not even his own.

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