1. And she blamed other people on her set. Ellen needs to stop

  2. She’s kinda weird. I used to like her standup but then she became this daytime TV monolith and its like… what happened to the chill standup comedian? Its like she lusts for power

  3. Watch the episode she is in on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. When they finally sit down for coffee I get the vibe that she is really insecure about herself. Made the interview uncomfortable to watch

  4. I gotta say I agree. I used to see her loving show all full of smiles, and she was almost like a mother that just loved anybody and everybody. She seemed to be a nice boss, and just a genuinely good soul.

    Then I saw all of that behind the scenes stuff and holy fuck, she’s an asshole.

  5. I’d swap the panels. She’s “hraaagh” on set but insulated and ignorant behind-the-scenes.

  6. You guys remember the episode with ninja? Now I don’t watch ninja, I’ve never watched ninja and I don’t like his content, but fuck me did I feel sorry for him during that shit show. Guy was tryna explain how fortnite works and teach Ellen his thing and she would just not stop taking the piss out of the guy, fucking about in their game and talking to Ninja in a way that was so disrespectful and dismissive of what he does.

    Fuck Ellen.

  7. you not seen her facial expressions? shes not all smiles on set, its canned laughter over awkward encounters with people.

    shes a prick

  8. I swear this scene scared me more than Skarsgård as a clown in the sewers…

  9. She hosts a game show that’s explicit purpose is shame and abuse. And Ellen just laughs and laughs. It’s super cringey.

  10. I’ve never been a fan of hers but I loved her Dory VO work in Finding Nemo and Dory. Now if I watch the movies I’ll have to think about Dory abusing Nemo with her meanness. Movies officially ruined.

  11. She’s got a hold of me with her leathery talons

  12. You people are sick! Maybe someone isn’t as nice as she seems. But she has made mor ethan a hundred friends from her stand ups or her show, and that couldn’t have been an act? Look at the people she annoyed, they People thT offended her sexual needs, or made her uncomfortable, even on set! So don’t fall under a lie on the internet. Some people even make money on this! They make videos of these moments (which are not more than around 15 times) on youtube and then gain money from this!

  13. How is that bitch still airing? Did she pull the gay card. Fuck her and her supporters.

  14. What is going on in these comments? Be nice everyone, there’s enough going on in the world.

  15. Let me guess, you also don’t like JK Rowling, Brie Larsen, Amy Schumer…

    Incels attempting cancel culture reliably targeting women.

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