1. Pippin only went with the Fellowship because Gandalf supported him in Rivendell. The whole Gandalf/Pippin rift was just an act!

  2. Of all the inquisitive hobbits, Peregrine Took, you are the worst.

  3. Fun fact: Tolkien in German means “foolhardy”

    I used to think Tolkien thought of himself as Frodo since so many writers make themselves the protagonist. Then I thought maybe he’s Gandalf but for reasons too long for reddit I’ve now disregarded this theory. Now I really think he wrote himself as Pippin. Only a linguistics professor would label a character “fool of a Took” when his own name is “Tolkien the foolhardy.” He was such a humble man that he’s not just not the main character in his own story, he’s a background character who largely helps the bigger heroes inadvertently like with his revelations about the imminent siege on Minas Tirith. Knowing about Tolkien’s tragic early life and the death of both his parents and then his close friends and kinsmen in the war I can’t help but wonder if he saw himself as the character who blamed himself for the deaths of Gandalf the Grey and Boromir.

    It’s probably all wrong though I’ve just read these books way too many times guys. Lol!

  4. On another topic, what I’m personally enjoying in this thread is how we all collectively ignore Gandalf bot when having deep discussion like it’s a toddler at the dinner table.

  5. So is gandalf gonna be in spirit form of some sorts after this cuz he doesn’t need his old man form anymore.

  6. I remember that speech that gandalf said to pippin in the third movie, it was either about death or the afterlife, its always really moved me, the delivery from Ian was sublime it might my favourite scene in the trilogy.

  7. I really liked in the books when Gandalf was rushing Pippin to Gondor, when Pippin kept asking questions, and Gandalf kept answering them and eventually asked something like, “Good lord, is there no end to your questions? What else do you want to know? Damn” and Pippin replied with something like, “Only everything. But it can wait.”

    Gandalf and Pippin’s relationship is great.

  8. Gandalf is like a supportive uncle to Pippin, he’s harsh on him cause he believes in him.

  9. If not for Pippen, Gandalf the grey would not have become Gandalf the white.

  10. Just finished the complete movie saga from The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings, before I slept.

  11. The dynamic between Pippin and Gandalf was truly amazing.

  12. I named my cat Pippin and regret it a little. He absolutely manifested that foolish Took energy. Should have named him Sam.

  13. There’s more than definitely a hidden draft of lotr where Gandalf punches pippin in the balls before departing on the ship

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