Give the Baggins a break

Give the Baggins a break

Give the Baggins a break

1 month ago
  1. Why didn’t he buy some damn sneakers, all that damn sliding he does

  2. Im all for Samwise love, but dimissing how impressive Frodo’s accomplishments are, I am not. Sam couldnt carry the ring to mordor himself either.

  3. I’ll explain the reasoning for each sides views:

    Left side: Did not read the books.

    Right side: Read the books.

  4. Ikr, he’s already constantly mentally battling the ring, i also wouldn’t want to deal with sam and gollums bs at that journey.

  5. But the ring is proportional in power to the one who wears it, and I would assume it applies to the corruption as well. That’s why, let’s say, Gandalf is avoiding the ring – it would corrupt the shit out of him instantly, and he would start using its powers left and right, which would be cool, until you realize that Sauron would have a much easier time retrieving it

  6. Sending Sam home was one of the dumbest things in the movies by far. “Go home, Sam”??? Seriously? They barely made it to where they are, and Frodo just tells him to “go home”?

    Thats not on Frodo though, thats on the writing.

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