Gandalf, Forgive Me...

Gandalf, Forgive Me…

Gandalf, Forgive Me…

2 years ago
  1. 1 – One does not simply attack the king of Gondor.
    2 – All mortals can be tempted, and most immortals too, that’s why Gandalf never took the ring in the first place. All of them were equally untrustworthy when the Fellowship was formed.
    3 – You have to read the books for this one. The eagles were not summoned by magic, they wrre heeding the call of Thorondor, lord of all eagles. He happened to be around and knew Gandalf, so he decided to help him escape Orthanc, but we was not flying into Mordor to clean up the mess made by Isildur and Elrond.

  2. This is what happens when someone writes on a subject, but doesn’t understand the material. 🙄

    And this meme is an accurate depiction of what happened to me after reading said article.

  3. If Elrond had killed Isildur, the war that would ensue would have been disastrous. So he could only hope that Sauron wouldn’t be able to recover, and for 3000 years at least he was right. Better to go with the option with at least a chance of peace than with no chance and definite casualties.

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