1. I should edit the bottom image out for clone troopers and whore karma on r/PrequelMemes . but do I wanna be a whore like that?

  2. At least the Uruk-hai spears didn’t break and run until after the cavalry hit them (puny Mordor orcs).

  3. If you’re happy

    And you’re Orcs

    Show yer (white) hands

    If you’re happy

    And you’re Orcs

    Show yer (white) hands

  4. Yfw Saruman creates a state army and hes called a bad guy by a bunch of feudal assholes.

  5. Honestly I loved the Uruk-hai, way more cohesive and competent than their orc cousins.

  6. I saw this, and just immediately let out the Urikai horn jingle/thing.

  7. I’ve always loved these guys, they’re shy and quiet. They also looked so sad when one of their fellow brethren is shot.

  8. Every time I see an Uruk-Hai, I get the urge to start another campaign in DaC.

  9. My bedt friend and I once wore the same shorts and t-shirt unintentionally. Plus the shorts were rather eyecatching and were about the same hight. It was fun because people always thought, wasn’t this guy just passing me a moment ago.

  10. The title of the meme is a quote from the ork general that was fighting in the siege of… Oh bloody lord how to I spell it? Whatever, these orks fought in the battle of helm’s deep. Wrong quote.

  11. Isn’t there a book that kinda tells the side of Sauron and that the men of the west were evil?

  12. It annoys me that all the comments and comment chains in the replies are using orc quotes, and not uruk-hai quotes

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