1. I just had my first professional haircut since january. I think the hairdressers are a little scissor-happy right now, because apparently “shoulder-length” means “an inch below my ear”.

  2. My hair naturally looks just like hobbit hair, it’s all thick and curly. Also my feet are big and a little hairy. I’m a 6’2 hobbit is I guess what I’m saying.

  3. And a good thing too-

    I can’t imagine how I would deal as a single woman with a bunch of Aragorn’s walking around after quarantine. 🥵

    Too much for me!

  4. I have Legolas hair… if Legolas had split ends T_T

    The most unrealistic part of the LOTR films, for me, was how Legolas’ fishtail braid remained impecable at all times. I do fishtail braids. By the end of the day they’re all sorts of frayed.

  5. My goal has been hobbit hair and I’m largely there. I’ve kept my hair so short for so long that several of my friends are surprised that’s its naturally curly

  6. I tried growing out my hair freshman year of college and it looked like Frodo’s hair but worse.

  7. You need to have the right hair type and a similar “went through the wilderness with no access to a comb, scissors or hot water” vibe to get close to Aragorn’s hair.

    More about hair type than the wilderness vibe, though.

  8. Me who hasn’t had short hair since 2017:

    “You have no power here, pandemic”

  9. I’m getting my haircut for the first time in six months next Thursday and am kinda sad about it

  10. Lol I met the expectation as I started like Frodo at the beginning!

  11. I still havent gotten a haircut . Starting to look like joe dirt

  12. I’ve just been buzzing my head the way I did when I was 10. It looks terrible, but feels great lol

  13. I decided to just let it grow last night. I feel attacked.

  14. I’ve never had to clean my bathroom sink so often. Hairs everywhere.

  15. One does not simply grow hair as illustrious as Aragorn’s

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