1. In the books, Grima and Saruman were all about SURPRESSING SHIRE

  2. Love it. I wish Archer had been around to voice Gandalf in Ralph Bakshi’s animated LOTR.

  3. That’s the last thing we need, an Entmoot. Oh my God, what if I’m Gay for Tolkien?

  4. The Ents were there since a long time. It’s the Ent War that he had initiated.

  5. Didn’t know that this was what I needed when I woke up this morning. Good shit.

  6. Saruman needs to watch out for Lana. She’s basically Groot.

  7. Mister Frodo! Mister Frodo! Mister Frodo!!!

    *deep breath*

    **MISTER FRODO!!!!**

  8. “Hello Mr Sauron, sir? Yes, can you send somebody out? I have an ent problem”

  9. u/repostsleuthbot

    Just doing a quick background check before I gild a filthy reposter

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