Credit to whoever made this

Credit to whoever made this

Credit to whoever made this

4 weeks ago
  1. For this year, when do we start RotK so that at midnight Frodo says “It’s over”?

  2. Where do we start it so that at 11:59:59 pm, when it looks like we’ll survive 2020 he says “Is this all you could conjure, Sauruman?”

  3. If you start watching Lord of the Rings : The fellowship of the Ring at precisely 23:49:19 at the exact turn of the New Year Frodo will proclaim:

    “You’re late”.

  4. Where do we start it so Theoden is yelling “DEEEEEAAAATH!!!!” ?

  5. When do we start ROTK on January 19, 2021 so that at midnight Barad-dûr falls?

  6. I did this with my friend. We got it to hot that New Years night. Little did we know how fundamentally accurate it would prove…

  7. I know 2020 has been an objectively bad year for ya know, the world. But we’ve been saying this every year, feels like it just gets worse and worse. Personally I’ve had an (okay?) year. I wonder what a good year would entail on a global scale?

  8. RemindMe! 52 Days “start watching lotr two towers at precicely 21:13:19 on the 31st”

  9. Just so y’all know, the correct start time for the extended cut is 21:09:26.

  10. I kinda want the opposite of him or someone saying ‘now it ends’

  11. So it is before the screens of our computers, the doom of our time will be decided.

  12. My housemates did a watch-through yesterday and after dinner I brought them some tea … as I opened the door they started giggling because apparently just as the doorknob to their room rattled, Sam said something along the lines of “it’s getting to be about tea time.” And there I was, with tea.

    This seems the most apt place to share that little anecdote.

    I wasn’t watching with them and had forgotten entirely that the line was in the movie. It’s the household custom for me to make us all an evening cocoa or tea almost every night, but the timing last night, in particular, was interesting.

  13. I did this last year and I’M NOT DOING IT AGAIN. That path is cursed.

  14. So when do I need to start watching Fellowship then? One does not simply walk into Towers.

  15. Is this all you can conjure 2020?

    Orcs start stacking up Corona microbes on the wall.

  16. What if phone ringing, and you pause the movie? When I should press play to still get theoden phrase. Pls I need it, my phone rings a lot

  17. Do you include the average time it takes to switch out the DVDS??? Or pausing to explain that Aragorn broke his toe kicking the helmet??!!

  18. Lmao that’s got to be the most useless fucking title ever, I love it

  19. Is this for the theatrical version or the extended edition?

  20. You could also do the bit where Ned Stark goes “nu, nao It enz” in that flashback episodes where he fights Arthur Dayne

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