1. This is inaccurate. My boy Gandalf the Grey beat the balrog AS Gandalf the Grey.

  2. Don’t disrespect The Grey like that homie. He personally took that balrog to hell.

  3. “It is the language of Shelbyville, which I will not utter here”

  4. Should have them both getting thrown out and then Gandalf the White alone at the bottom panel

  5. At first glance it looked like that balrog was doing something completely different to Gandalf.

  6. Every time he takes Gandalf out he gets whiter and whiter. (In colour)

  7. Its more accurate to say Gandalf used the donkey Kong strat from smash bros n64, get a 1 life lead then grab em and jump off the edge for ez gg

  8. Lol took a sec to unsee something dirty in that top panel without reading the title

  9. This is so dumb that it’s amazing.
    Plz accept my cheap award 🥇

  10. I don’t care if its inaccurate or whatever, this had me crying for a good minute. I love this sub, I think it’s the one that gives me the most consistent laughs.

  11. but the balrog died before he became gandalf the white…

  12. Tbh it’s kind of the other way around. Gandalf made the balrog fall from the bridge then the balrog grabbed his leg and pulled him down too

  13. Just me who thought of something else in the first picture?

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