Bet you like that one didn't you Potter.

Bet you like that one didn’t you Potter.

Bet you like that one didn’t you Potter.

2 years ago
  1. Look, I love Harry Potter. I do. It’s a good series, a huge part of my childhood. But it is no where near as good as LOTR…

  2. I have to get this off my chest.

    Harry Potter has very limited world building and starts falling apart the second you start asking questions about life outside Hogwarts.

  3. One is a children’s book, one is a good movie franchise turned into a cashgrab by a billion dollar company, and one is a cinematic and literary masterpiece

  4. The ranking should look like this:

    1. LOTR

    It’s the only one that can be enjoyed by literally anyone.

  5. Harry Potter is not good when you read it again. It’s a bitchy teenager who is the favorite of the headmaster so he manages to accomplish everything while spending his whole time talking about girls.

    In addition to that, literally Harry could just be written out of the books and it would be just as good, just have Hermione as the main character. If you create a book series that doesn’t need the main character, it can’t be good.

    And LOTR had three good movies. Star wars has 5. 5/9 to 3/3, I think the 3/3 wins

  6. Books:
    -Harry Potter
    -Star Wars

    -Star Wars (decent except the Disney ones)
    -Harry Potter (the Movies didn’t even come close to the books, there are few films I have liked less than them)

  7. He couldn’t be more wrong here.


    I honestly thought better of Tim lol.

  8. Well our favorite author isn’t a transphobic cunt so, I’d say we’re doing great




  10. I don’t know if it makes sense… But I prefer star wars a lot over LOTR, and yet I can say that LOTR is better than star wars

  11. 1. LoTR
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Star Wars.

    If we’re talking pre-Disney, switch 2 and 3.

    I’d probably not even have SW at 3 when you include Disney’s destruction. I’d put so many things above it; Avengers, Matrix, Alien, Star Trek, Terminator, even fucking Pirates of the Caribbean.

  12. 1. LOTR is number one

    Number 2 depends on pre or post Disney.

  13. All those are great, but cmon… they objectively are just not as great and as well rounded as lotr. Not close

  14. Yea but Dumbledore would beat Gandalf and Obi Wan in a fite any day.




  15. 1. Lord of the Rings/Star Wars (sci-fi vs fantasy has no winner)
    2. A bunch of other amazing sci-fi and fantasy

    Somewhere way down the list – Harry Potter.

  16. The actual order would be LOTR, then Avatar and then 20 or so places lower Star Wars and Harry Potter would show up.

  17. Yes well done slytherin, well done slytherin. However…

  18. I love all 3 tbh but LOTR and Star Wars are tied for #1, and Harry Potter doesn’t really come close, despite still being great imo.

  19. No it should go:

    1. Star Wars 1. LOTR 3. Harry Potter

  20. And here I thought Timmy Tenders couldn’t dig himself any lower

  21. As someone who loves all three of those and my favorite isn’t LotR and I was at the perfect age for HP books and films, this list is stupid lol

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