1. Gimli, Legolas, two hobbits and an army of ghosts were still around. And i don’t think that Maiar count as humans too.

  2. “No man can kill me” is a dumb rule even without the woman caveat in a world where the best and most powerful beings are not humans and humans make up, at most, a plurality of the population. Elves should have been all over that shit.

    I also don’t care in the slightest. It’s a super fun moment and I eat it up every time. Miranda Otto does a great job on line delivery too.

    Edit: please stop informing me it’s a prophecy, not a rule. I know. I don’t care. It’s a joke. Let people have fun lmao

  3. Achhthually the one who hit the WK with a magical sword that removed the spell that made him immune to weapons was Merry, so techinally he was not killed by a man

    Also, the phrase comes from the second age when Glorfindel, a powerful elven lord, went to fight the WK and foresaw “that he would not be killed by a man” or something like that

  4. I get that there’s some book lore behind this and this is fantasy that we are talking about but hear my take on what is seen on screen:

    The witch king says “no man can kill me” as in “no one can kill me” warriors across all races are usually male so the phrase it’s ok. But what he says is not a rule, just a statement of his power.

    Eowyn answers proudly “i am no man” to have her moment but it has nothing to do with the situation. She just had the perfect opportunity to stab him, no matter the gender or race.

  5. It’s funny to think that if RotK came out today, people would be whining about that line being SJW propaganda

  6. Ugh every year my wife starts in on this during our hobbit/LOTR Athon. I try to get drunk before the rant comes in. I don’t care I just want to enjoy the movie.

  7. I’ve never read the books or any of the lore so I may very well be wrong but I always took the idea that “no man can kill the witch king” as him just trying to stoke fear in the hearts of men, not some set in stone rule that a human cannot inflict lethal harm upon him.

  8. I love that the ever present omnipotent forces of fantasy worlds are all *extreme* pedants.

  9. She stabbed him between his “eyes”, not in the heart.

  10. When the witch king said “No man can kill me” he spoke out of hubris, not because there was a rule set in stone that said “No human male can kill me”.

  11. Something people often forget: Merry stabbed The Witchking in the leg with the dagger he found in the barrow downs. This dagger was ancient and magical and was intended to kill those like the Witchking. Eyowin finished off the Witchking with a stab through the face.

  12. It was the barrows dagger tho not the fact she was a woman

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