At the turn of the tide...

At the turn of the tide…

At the turn of the tide…

2 years ago
  1. “Faramir…I AM…..NOT YOUR FATHER!”

    -Darth Denethor

  2. Indeed I am Palpatine, one might almost say, Palpatine as he should have been.

  3. L A T E, is the HOUR in which this conjurer chooses to appear.

  4. i chuckled out loud in my room by myself. A rare feat. Congrats

  5. Good lord, Chris Terrio is a terrible writer, I wonder why Disney and JJ Abrams trusted him after all the right critics over Batman v Superman…

  6. Can someone please explain to me why the Rey Skywalker meme is still alive?

  7. Elrond gracefully hands Andúril over to Aragorn….
    who throws it away.

    Gandalf hisses one final warning “fly you fools!” before his grip fades and he falls through shadow and fire- but nope! The madlad fucking Mary Poppins himself back onto the ledge and we’re all good.

    Pippin steals the Palantir from Gandalfs sleeping form, his gaze captured by its swirling depths:
    *Ring ring*.
    Hello, I wish to speak to sour Ron.
    Hello, yes this is sauron.

    I have a message from your mother.
    The palantir fades to grey and everyone hifives Pippin for his amazing ploy.

    The chanting increases in pitch and fervor, as drawn forth from the ranks of hideous orcs and trolls by hellish beasts comes….
    A clothes iron, that hisses with menacing steam.

    Everyone applauds.

  8. It has the same impact that the scene in the movie had. Fascinating!

  9. Yoda was right.

    “There is another” indeed.

  10. I have LOTR extended edition blu-rays that I watch at least once a year. I have LOTR inspired artwork on the walls. I have replica LOTR swords. Multiple copies of the books (including Silmarillion + Hobbit). I’ve easily spent more than $1,000 on LOTR stuff all total in the last 20 years.

    You know what I will never spend another dime on? Anything related to the Star Wars sequels, and *certainly* not anything related to Game of Thrones. I’m not even sure I’ll read the new books if GRRM ever finishes them. Both franchises took such an incredible nosedive that I don’t even like to think of them anymore.

    I think HBO and Disney *vastly* underestimated the cost of running a popular franchise into the ground. To be honest it might have been worth it purely financially to finish TRoS/GoT Season 8, watch them, and decide to start completely from scratch. I would still be buying Star Wars and GoT stuff if the endings to both weren’t such absolute dogshit.

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