Aragorn, son of Alabama

Aragorn, son of Alabama

Aragorn, son of Alabama

2 years ago
  1. So Aragorn is as closely related to Arwen as I am to Bill Murray?

  2. First cousins X times removed are not the same as second cousins.

    Edit: the OP is not actually implying that they are the same, I was confused not realizing the OP was incorrectly calling Aragorn and Elrond cousins.

  3. Ouch. Watch out you’d get dirty looks in the south for those jokes

  4. Were Elrond & Elros identical twins? If so then (genetically) Aragorn is a bit more closely related to his (50x great) uncle.

    I think it is 50x great uncle, because “uncle” takes care of one generation removed. Right?

    Edit: added P.S.

    P.S. some of the genetic databases have pointed out that the children of identical twins will trace more closely to half siblings than 1st cousins.

  5. For context:

    “Nth” cousin refers to how many generations ago you had a common ancestor

    “removed” refers to how many generations away you are from that cousin

    Edit: fixed mistakes

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