1. Also ignores the “immaterial” trait that spirits have.

  2. Except you can only get it by destroying Narsil and reforging it. And getting that thing is a pain in the ass

  3. I remember I asked a girl : Do you know what is the best sword in fantasy books?

    She answered : Valyrian swords?

    Me : not even close. It’s Anduril and Gurthang.

    Her : what are those? I’m a fantasy fan and I never heard of them.

    Me : …..

  4. how tf do you get 400% counterattack? does it hit 4x with each swing? i mean, i know we’re talking the Broken Blade Reforged, but that’s just crazyness!

  5. u/itsadndmonsternow, Gondor is calling for aid here fam

  6. Come on man, are you really so desperate for karma that you need to repost? If you didn’t make the make the meme, don’t post it. Please.

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