After all this time, why shouldn’t I keep it?

After all this time, why shouldn’t I keep it?

2 years ago
  1. To be fair, he’s only like 20 in the first pic. Wait and see how he looks at eleventy one

  2. Lots of credit should go to the makeup people for successfully making Elijah look a bit older than he really was (in addition to his babyface). Just 2 years before LOTR filmed he was in Deep Impact where he played a ~15 year old.

  3. You could pit a recent photo of him and it would be the same.

  4. I mean, had I not gained 30 pounds and I was a millionaire without a care in the world, I’d probably look the same as I did 11 years ago.

  5. The year is 2030. Elijah Wood still looks like this and isn’t giving out his secrets

    Reddit: Fine then, keep your secrets, old man

  6. I watched the reunion thing on YouTube and he still looks exactly the same in 2020

  7. I love how down-to-earth and quirky he is in some of his more recent interviews. Yes, it could be the ring. Or just the light-hearted, casual cozy lifestyle of a … hobbit, which keeps him young.
    Love him <3

  8. That’s at 17 years old (actually shot in 2000) and 29 years old (if we believe it is actually an image from 2012). I have to imagine he kicked smoking to have not aged much.

  9. I feel like peanut butter spread over too much cracker.

  10. You know, there was a lot of good LOTR content on Tumblr

  11. Didn’t he actually keep the ring from the set? Thought I heard him say that in some interview

  12. It’s also called being rich and not having the same struggles as 99% of humanity.

  13. What bothers me more is how Galadriel looks the same in LotR and Hobbit when there are 11 years between.

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