A programmer and I'm asking my boss for a monitor

A programmer and I’m asking my boss for a monitor

A programmer and I’m asking my boss for a monitor

2 years ago
  1. Pfft, a programmer with a *second* monitor? I’ve never heard of such a thing

  2. A day may come when my boss gives me a monitor, but it is not this day.

  3. I’ll take one if it’s an ultrawide. Although I would also take 2 ultrawides…

  4. I asked him for one monitor from his golden studio… he gave me three.

    – true story of me, a programmer, and my boss

  5. Thirdsies? Ultrawide? Vertical? 40 inch TV? Surely he knows we need those as well.

  6. I can assure you, having a second monitor is essential for a better workflow

    *cries in small screen laptop*

  7. I go three. I have a friend that’s an structural engineering, and he has four in a grid. Lucky bastard.

  8. I had 5 monitors at one job. It was glorious, especially in that shitty open office environment. No one could see me unless they came to my desk.

  9. Does your boss not have two monitors themselves or they just thinking “I’m so important. Of course I need two monitors.” Cause once you have two monitors it’s life changing even for the most basic of stuff.

  10. This is not a programmer thing.. Basically every office worker is more efficient with two monitors

  11. TIL a lot of programmers don’t have second monitors at work. I can’t imagine having to work with only one monitor.

  12. The way I explained it to my boss is “imagine if I could do literally everything just a few seconds faster. That’s the productivity it adds.”

  13. Damn son I’m just a data analyst and they were like insistent I get two monitors

  14. Me, descending the elevator to the IT department: “And they call this a mine. A *mine!*.

  15. I have 5 monitors, but there is always room for more.

  16. Honest question, what difference makes a second monitor? Never understood that.

  17. I used to work collections and even the computers there had at least 2 monitors

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  19. Dumb boss, everyone here has two monitors, if they want a third that’s where they need to actually ask, though I’ve never turned it down.

    Also with our new laptops more and more people now have three monitors because you just open the laptop plugged into the dock and ta-da three monitors

  20. I work in construction, on site and even I have a second monitor lol

  21. IT Support guy here. I support programmers, QA, support, sales, management, etc etc in home and a dozen offices world wide.

    2nd? No problem. Here you go.
    Use the laptop as a 3rd? No problem.

    Use these 4 other TVs and assorted monitors I brought in with various no-brand USB -> VGA and USB ->HDMI adapters you bought from amazon? *NOT MY PROBLEM.*

  22. Yeah, well, quality before quantity I say. I’ve been issued two large monitors but they’re each 1920×1080. I’d rather have one large monitor that’s at least 2560×1440. It’s ***so much more useful***.

  23. I had an admin at my old job who when you would ask for something would respond favorably then either sit on it or bring it to the director (I am not sure I trust her when she said she brought it to the director) and then would come back to me and make me basically do a write up on why it was important, which is fine. But then reject it.

    For the second monitor I ended up getting my old boss’ when he left, all the while waiting for a response to the write-up I did, which was eventually rejected.

    The most problematic example of this process was going on when I left. They have a server where all of the work is done for the projects, and it is old and it is filled with old projects. First ask was to upgrade the server and in my write-up I specified that it was not compliant for our type of work and the data stored on it. They pushed back, and it wasn’t until the director’s boss found out it wasn’t compliant that anything started to move and that was 8 months ago and I don’t think they have a new one yet. It was a huge cost, so I wasn’t expecting them to just immediately do it, but it was very important to the center that I was at so it should have been a priority.

    While waiting the old server started running out of hard disk space since it had projects from years ago; and was not that large to start with. So I asked for a couple of encrypted external hard drives to store these projects on so they did not have to be on the server where all of the current work is done. I was told it was too expensive (I was asking for ~$200 worth of equipment). That was fine, because I was leaving soon. Right around my last week space got so low that researchers could not open files on the server and no work could get done. That is where I left it. They lost multiple weeks of work because they did not want to spend $200.

  24. I’m just a lowly tech support agent and I have 6 at my home office set up. 3 for my personal computer, 3 for my work computer.

  25. I used to run 3 monitors… until the 43″ 4k monitor… (don’t try a 4k TV, text is hard to read at 4k)

  26. Expressions of Merry and Pippin in this scene are literally perfect

  27. I have three huge monitors on my home setup, but work has decided you can only wfh on company provided equipment, so I set my tiny little laptop in front of my massive monitors, and I work, sadly.

  28. Starting a new job next week, they sent me two monitors right off the bat, already have a good feeling.

  29. Every single person in my office has two monitors and there are 3000 of us. It makes everything so much easier.

  30. Ask for an NV-ELV-E Lembas drive while you’re at it. One byte is enough to fill a grown server.

  31. I was in sales and I demonstrated that errors would go down and information based choices would be higher quality if I got another monitor.

    Nope, literally aver 250k a year in errors and whatever metic you could use for better info and nope. I sold over 170 million a year in commodities… nope.

    Old people are just dumb when it comes to that stuff.

    I asked for a truck like the production managers get. Gas card, new truck every 4 years, all maintenance for free: sure you can have that. I was an office worker who used it for a 10km commute lol.

    Like wtf lol.

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