A chance to show his quality

A chance to show his quality

2 years ago
  1. Denethor and Unbridged are two of the most hateable characters I’ve ever seen

  2. Lotta Denethor memes coming through, and have to ask. I just finished the books for the first time, and found Denethor faaaar more relatable. I think his crime was more hubris than hateful. I don’t think he even considered that Faramir could fall. It also, imo, plays up that he had a whole city to care for and he thought it was a risky but necessary plan. And in the movie it’s just “much must be risked in war” I also didn’t like (now that I’ve read) that the throne room was so empty when this exchange takes place. Has anyone else thought that?

  3. Doctor: Do not worry, Witch King Denethor can’t hurt you, he isn’t real

    Witch King Denethor:

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