You know it, I know it, everybody knows it

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it

2 years ago
  1. Me looking at this meme template: “you fell…”

  2. My girlfriend just the other day, finished my sentence for me. “And BROKE HIS TOE. YES WE KNOW.” lol I love her for dealing with me.

  3. God I love Rick Grimes..him and Daryl Dixon are probably two of the greatest TV characters of all time, even if The Walking Dead sucked later on

  4. My boyfriend does a really good job of pretending her cares every time.

  5. I love this meme template because, if I recall correctly, nobody does any speaking in this scene, nor does Rick do much moving. They’re both crying because an important character dies immediately prior.

  6. “His two toes kicking that helmet, Carloline, kicking that helmet!”

    “Please stop, fishinthenet69.”

    “His two toes, Carloline! His two toes!”

  7. jesus christ can you stop with this vigo broke his shit meme, it has become desperately boring

  8. Anticipating the moment I get to reveal this bit of knowledge. My wife has yet to experience the Holy Trinity with me

  9. Oh man I have a friend who has never seen lotr and I am so excited telling someone who didn’t even know it before

  10. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone use this template, brings back memories from when it was used all the time.

  11. Last frame shoulda just been the faces fused together because thats how oppressive it is lol

  12. Except it’s me, the girlfriend, telling my boyfriend every time.

  13. it is tradition to tell the person watching it with you

  14. Your title is correct, so why do you insist on making even more memes about this stupid thing if we all know this already?

  15. That’s not Viggo, that’s Andrew Garfield. Viggo is the dude from Way of the Samurai. TMYK.

  16. but did you know that Sean Astin stepped on a giant piece of glass when he ran into the water to follow Frodo at the end of the Fellowship?

    There is a conspiracy involving feet in this series and I have no clue just how deep it goes…

  17. Everyone complaining about the meme format needs to remember one thing.

    “Do not cite the Deep Magic to me Witch, I was there when it was written.”

  18. Thats the worst Template OP could have chosen…and didnt he break his toe and not his foot?

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