1. We’re all just monkeys, man. Just monkeys with fancy magic sticks, on a rock, floating in space.

    Anyway—have you ever smoked DMT and looked into a palantir?

  2. POWERFUL Old Toby! Definitely ain’t none of that Susquehanna shit.

  3. *It’s entirely possible* that the halflings leaf is actually good for you.

  4. Saruman, according to The Silmarillion, was the first drug dealer of Middle Earth.
    He mocked Gandalf for smoking the hobbits herb, but secretly made travels to the Shire to get some for himself and sell it to mans.
    He also was a big smoker and had his own stash of it.

  5. I find this scene amusing seeing as Merry and pippin find barrels of the halflings leaf at Isengard and at the end of ROTK there is no weed left in the shire because Saruman is taking it all.

  6. I always thought handling leaf must be like the purest finest tobacco ever

  7. Not to be a downer, but its pretty clear from “Concerning Pipe-weed” that it refers to pipe tobacco, not weed.

  8. I will never understand why people like joe no rogaine. Dude is painfully dumb and changes his opinions based on the guest with the exception of muh weed gud.

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