1. Well… Somebody needs to be ready for when shit goes south. I can’t heal everyone.

  2. Had to hide from some guards during a campaign once. We threw a tarp over our dragonborn paladin to hide him.

    He rolled a nat 20 on the stealth check and remained hidden.


    i though we are going loud, **AND LOUD HAS COOLER MUSIC ANYWAY!!!** *razormind blasts at full volume*

  4. Not all of us get to wear armor that makes no sound, some us need to make sacrifices to not get punched in the face. Maybe it’s the rogue in the wrong for making such a stupid plan contingent on the heavy armor user being stealthy.

  5. My Pathfinder group had a heist session this Saturday. I was really excited, my bard is specked out the wazoo for that kind of thing. I have spells that can make people forget, spells that compel people to act a certain way, +20 stealth, +15 disguise, **+30 bluff!**… and you know what we end up doing? The artificer rigs up our airship’s gun batteries with both merciful and brilliant energy. We just fly in, shoot *through the walls* and knock everyone out.

  6. Gonna be honest, my stealth checks are already terrible, might as well just take the disadvantage and not have to worry about being unarmored when everything goes to hell.

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