"Where was Gon—well, never mind then."

“Where was Gon—well, never mind then.”

“Where was Gon—well, never mind then.”

1 year ago
  1. “Furthermore, seeing how we’re about to be under full scale attack in just a few hours, Gondor is just too far away to offer any practical aid. Even if they might show up, too late would be worse then never — small consolation would it be to retake this stronghold with only our corpses to welcome them.

    It’s almost like the only reason we’re having this whole disingenuous conversation is to accentuate our hopeless situation so it will seem that much more triumphant if some extremely implausible kind of, I don’t know, “deus elf machina,” were to occur later on…”

  2. Idk Theoden. Maybe if your possessed ass hadn’t been laying around, we would’ve had more than like a week to prepare and Gondorian reinforcements could’ve come to help us out

  3. Théoden: “Then you understand why even if we called Gondor for aid, they’d be in no position to help when the enemy attacks tonight.”

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